News: Logistics

Open Mic Cancellation

Due to limitations of logistics and timing, we will not be able to offer an open-mic opportunity during the conclusion of the March at McKeldin Square. We apologize to those who have inquired about speaking, and regret that we are unable to make the microphone available to all. 

There will be a pre-set program of performers and artists at McKeldin Square, to offer inspiration and entertainment in keeping with the spirit of the March. Several community-based organizations will be staffing tables to share information and register voters. We hope that people will use the time at McKeldin Square to meet and speak with each other, socialize, learn, and connect.

Public Transportation

Here are the links for public transportation options:


From Northeast Baltimore: 

Bus #33 to City Link Green 

Bus #33 to City Link Red

Bus #33 to Bus #95 

or direct routes City Link Green and Red

From South East Baltimore: 

City Link Navy 

City Link Orange

From North West Baltimore:

Bus #85 or #83 to the Metro Subway

From Southwest Baltimore:

Bus #26 

City Link Silver

City Link Purple

City Link Blue

For a more personalized route and times please visit: or use Google Maps.

Light Rail Notice

 The light rail is undergoing maintenance this weekend. The MTA said in a news release Monday that light rail stations, including Camden Yards, Lexington Market, Mount Royal, and North Avenue, will be closed. MTA will provide a free shuttle bus service in both directions for passengers from the Camden Yards Light Rail station to the North Avenue station. The bus will stop at each of the closed stations during normal hours.

Parking for the March

UPDATE: Harbor Park Garage is providing $5 all day parking for march volunteers and participants.  They are a short 5 minute walk to War Memorial Plaza.  Reserve now to guarantee your spot at this historic event.

If you are driving to the march, you have several choices for parking. Here is a link to an interactive parking map for the Inner Harbor area:

Parking Lots:
Atlantic Parking 178 N. Gay Street (between Lexington and Saratoga)
EZ Park 436 E. Saratoga Street (between Gay Street and Holliday Street)
IMPARK 345 E. Fayette Street (between Holliday and Guilford)
Edison Park Fast 215 E. Fayette Street

Parking Garages in the Inner Harbor
Harbor Park Garage
Parking Garage
55 Market Pl
(410) 234-3631

Inner Harbor Garage
Parking Garage
100 S Gay St
400 East Pratt

Parking Garage
100 S Gay St
(410) 585-4966

The Gallery Garage
Parking Garage · The Gallery
101 S Calvert St
(410) 547-1537

Pier V Parking
Parking Garage
711 E Pratt St
(410) 387-2296

100 East Pratt
Parking Garage
100 E Pratt St
(410) 244-8825

Harbor Court Garage
Parking Garage
30 E Lee St
(410) 332-0417

Camden Yards Parking
Parking Lot
301 W Lombard St
(888) 472-7594

221 West Lombard
Parking Garage
221 W Lombard St
(312) 935-2800

Public parking
Parking Garage
501 E Pratt St

300 West Pratt Street
Parking Lot
300 E Pratt St
(443) 835-867

Marriott Garage - Lot #14
Parking Garage
405 W Lombard St
(410) 385-0350

Parking garage
Parking Garage
213-239 S Hanover St

Parkway Lockwood Place Public Parking
Parking Garage
124 Market Pl
(267) 765-3665

Parking Lot
300 E Pratt St
(312) 935-2800

Sheraton Inner Harbor Parking - Open Lot
Parking Lot
110 W Conway St
(410) 347-1822

Sheraton Inner Harbor Parking
Parking Lot
100W Conway St
(410) 962-8300

Arrow Parking
Parking Garage
204 E Lombard St
(410) 727-1060

Landmark Parking
Parking Garage
20 S Charles St
(410) 685-3145

Downunder Garage
Parking Garage
110 W Lombard St
(301) 821-0927