Statement from the Baltimore Women’s March Steering Committee

January 7, 2019

Baltimore, Maryland

The Baltimore Women’s March Steering Committee is a unified coalition of women activists and leaders who represent many diverse communities in Baltimore.

Our goal is to empower voices and bring attention to the policies and issues that continue to affect the lives of women in this region.

We recognize and appreciate:

  • That we each possess unique identities, experiences, circumstances and struggles that influence and shape our perspectives.  

  • That in order to continue to move forward and progress in society, it is essential that we create safe spaces to differ from one another even while we learn about and from each other.

  • That while we may differ on certain issues, we are bound by our shared humanity and the common values of liberty, justice, tolerance, inclusivity and equity for all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender, age or any other identifying characteristic.

The Baltimore Women’s March is committed to celebrating important victories for women in just two short years. A historic number of women elected to state legislature are a testament to the rise of women in power. The #MeToo movement has exposed and challenged the culture that promotes gendered violence and harassment disproportionately impacting women. These are examples of the core progress we choose to celebrate.

Our March aims to amplify silenced or marginalized women, and unify women to work together for equal opportunities, empowerment and justice to all of the area’s residents.

The effort, energy, and calls to action inspired by the first Women’s March were instrumental in galvanizing grassroots activists and individuals into civic action and political participation.

However, the Baltimore Women’s March is not affiliated with any national or branded Women’s March organizations.

Last year, the Baltimore Women’s March focused on getting out the vote and encouraging civic and political participation ahead of the 2018 elections.

Now, in 2019, our priorities for this third year are to invest in unifying our communities, building grassroots power, and centering our efforts on moving our city and state forward.

The Baltimore Women’s March is organized by a dedicated and diverse group of women, volunteering their time, talent, and heart to this effort.

We are committing to creating a safe and welcoming space for all who agree with the core principles and values outlined in this statement.

Co-Signed by the Baltimore Women’s March Steering Committee

  • Zainab Chaudry

  • Odette Ramos

  • Giuliana Valencia-Banks

  • Nancy Lord Lewin

  • Liza Schlang

  • Chauna Brocht

  • Sarah Mogol

  • Anna Adler

  • Ateira Griffin

  • Lisa Zeimer

  • Charly Carter

  • Denise Gilmore

  • Jessica Klaitman

  • Ricarra Jones

  • Deniece McClure

  • Beth Braun