baltimore Women’s March - JANUARY 19, 2019

City Hall / War Memorial Plaza

  • On January 19, 2019, Baltimore will host its third annual Baltimore Women’s March as a celebration and continuation of the movement for sisters supporting our sisters and working collectively to harness the power of women of all backgrounds and their communities to create transformative social change.

    National issues like the fact we have sexual predators in high office, the threats to our lives and the need to be believed, the chiseling away of our reproductive freedoms, the need for equal pay, the treatment of families at our borders - to local issues like better schools, fair treatment of women, protection from sexual harassment, and action to help women and their families who live in poverty and fear - these are reasons we March.

    March participants will be able to engage with advocacy groups that work on these and many other issues to learn more, and to volunteer.

    We will begin the event with an hour-long rally at City Hall/War Memorial Plaza. Then we will march south on Holliday Street, East on Pratt, and north on Gay Street to be back to the Plaza. Local nonprofits and community organizations will be available at tables so attendees have an opportunity to learn about ways to become more engaged and actively participate in social change.